Local food – the “swiss army knife” of sustainability solutions

Today was the first Jackson Hole People’s Market of the summer and fall! InSight teamed up with Teton County Integrated Solid Waste and Recycling and non-profit stewards of the local and regional food economy Slow Food in the Tetons to roll out the first phase of going zero waste at the People’s Market. I helped Slow Food plan and receive grant funding to purchase a fleet of Liquid Hardware stainless steel pint glasses to replace all disposable cups at the markets. Folks who forgot their cups could borrow one of these cups for a deposit, and those that remembered were rewarded for their efforts. Only 12 more Wednesday markets to go to try to get people in the habit of bringing their own cups. What a great initiative!

I always enjoy working with Slow Food in the Tetons. From farmer’s markets to cooking classes with local food, Slow Food believes that local food economies operating in the spirit of “good, clean and fair food” are a win for everyone. They result in healthier people, a cleaner environment, and a higher degree of social responsibility. They like to say the local food is the “swiss army knife” of sustainability solutions. I like it!

Showcasing the re-usable cups from the People's Market in a game of "veggie memory" with local kids.

Showcasing the re-usable cups from the People’s Market in a game of “veggie memory” with local kids.